Store Grand Opening Sale!

Store Grand Opening Sale!

I’ve invested some time into my own off etsy store. Use Coupon code GRAND to get 25% off your order, no minimums required. So far I’ve just stocked my best etsy sellers, I’ll include more as I go along.


a glitter polish removal solution!

i really adore glitter nail polish, but hate taking it off. The removal takes way longer than the application, and if you have crap nails like mine, it can do damage.

a friend suggested to use Elmers glue as a base. And it actually works really well!! I’m so happy about this.

You put some white craft glue in an empty nail polish bottle. Apply a coat to your nails and wait for it to dry. Apply your glitter nail polish as usual. When you want it to come off, loosen it a bit at the base and it will peel right off!!

This might be old news for you, but this was new to me. I don’t advise this for long term nail polish, but for a day it works great.

I made my first sale!

I’ve been making nail polish for awhile, and just started selling it. I sold two bottles today, I was very happy! So I went straight to the supply store and bought more bottles, and more mica and glitter. Not sure i need more, but it’s so much fun to make! I spent the afternoon trying different combinations. 2 were a compete failure, funny thing is they were shades I don’t care for, light green and white. 2 were hits, and one I’m undecided on. I’m going to try to make a glitterless shade of the two failures. Both failures were iridescent shades, I think if I leave out the glitter they will be winners. I’ll work on them more tomorrow, and will get some pictures. This is one of the colors i sold, i named it dragons scale.


Dropkick green

This one makes me want to drink beer (not green beer, that is just wrong!) I called this one dropkick, after my beloved Dropkick Murphies! I made an amazing top coat to go over it, and it’s just over the top fantastic with it. I’ll post that one later, I want to get some pics of the two together. Going to get some photographing done this weekend if the sun actual comes out! It’s been so cold, but no sunshine. :/






I am really not a pink girl, but I’ll make an exception for Valentines day. I’ve been wearing this one since yesterday and it’s holding up awesome, no chipping! The top swatch is two coats naked, the bottom over an OPI deep red.

I wrote this post yesterday but just saved it as a draft. I can’t believe it but it’s still looking like the day I put it on! I have two different paint jobs, and the opi on the left hand i put on at the same time has already chipped.

But I’ll have to take them both off today, all this experimenting with colours has given me a crazy look, time for a consistent manicure. I think I’ll use the green I’ll post tomorrow. 🙂


My favourite franken polish yet!

I was feeling super creative last night and invented 3 gorgeous polishes, even
a pink one! I’ll probably only wear that one on Valentines day, but it’s still amazing.

Twisted has blue, orange, and a bit of brown hex added. It’s full of silver glitter, and i added some holographic base to give it a shimmer that’s simply amazing. It looks great over one of my grey colors.

Now i just need to take some photos! I’m really limited to the amount of daylight and at the mercy of the sun. All my pics really suck right now and I’m brutally aware of it.