Holographic French Manicure (Black Sheep Lacquer)

Holographic French Manicure (Black Sheep Lacquer).


New Formula

I have some exciting stuff on the horizon! I have been testing a new, custom formula for the last month or so, and I have to say it’s amazing! I gardened, washed dishes & scrubbed the floor last night with a three day old manicure, and there’s not one chip! Without a top coat! I knew the new formula was going to be good, I just didn’t know it would be this good. ūüôā I wanted to make sure it settled and behaved properly before listing, and it looks like it’s all good. I’m sending it out for swatching this coming week to all of my volunteers. It will be in my store soon!

I need help!

I need help! I’ve decided to focus on a specific line of nail polishes, I’ve been doing this long enough now I know what people like.
I’ll still be making the goofy/weird one off nail polishes, that’s where the fun is. But for my specific product line, about (15 polishes) I want a cohesive look. Would someone like a job taking nail pics for me? While I can’t pay you cash, there will be perks! I’ll send you full sizes in exchange and give you all the publicity for your blog/facebook/etc I can generate. Email me @ blacksheeplacquer@gmail.com and we’ll talk. Thanks! ūüôā

Old Bottle Clearout

I have discovered a new bottle/brush supplier. The brushes are fantastic, thick & lush and so good for picking up glitter! They cost more, but the price difference is so worth it, I’m excited to start using them. I’m switching my entire product line over. I started on it, but for simplicity’s sake, I’m going to clear out the old ones.

Use coupon code GLITTER for 30% off of anything in my store. I’ve only listed bottles that are currently available right now, so if you seen one you want grab it, as it might not be made again.

Great Canadian Spring Fling

I did a big fair this weekend, the Great Canadian Spring Fling. The first day was pretty decent, especially when I compared my sales to the booths around me. There were a lot of sad vendor faces around me, I really felt bad for some of them. We had a crummy spot, on the dark side, in an aisle facing a wall. The foot traffic was much less than we were promised. My second day was a total bust, I guess everyone that wanted nail polish bought it on the first day. I have to be content with just making my booth fee back.

It was so much fun to talk about nail polish all weekend though! I really did have fun, even if it was super tiring. I have a lot of stock left over and will be blowing it all out soon, I only have so much storage space and want to work on new creations. ūüôāImage

Nail Polish Bottle Types

i asked this on facebook, but i should probably ask it here too. I recently switched my bottles from the square ones I used at first to round ones. The round ones are cheaper than the squares. But then i realized almost every indie brand is using the rounds, and the squares might set me a little bit more apart. Are people just buying the rounds because of availability & cost? Or are they prefered by buyers for some reason?

What do you think? Should I go back to square bottles?

Craft Shows

I’m working on developing a local¬†presence¬†in Vancouver. Shipping is so expensive, I think to be really¬†successful¬†I need to start thinking local in addition to online. The craft show yesterday was an overall failure, but graded on a scale I did fantastic! I made the most money out of anyone I asked, so I’m happy about that. I made my table fee back with a bit of a profit, but with the amount of work I put into everything, it worked out to about $1.00 an hour. Luckily I love this, and getting to talk to people about nail polish for 8 hours was awesome. The lady behind me made nothing at all, and packed up 3 hours early. I felt really bad for her!¬†

So now I’m all sold out of my best selling nail polish. Not¬†surprisingly¬†the holographic polishes were the first ones to go. Little girls went nuts for my pink holo nail polish and another one that had gold holo hearts. Time to go supply shopping, yay!


It’s been a rough month at the blacksheeplacquer house. I had a family tragedy I won’t get into here, but it knocked me flat on my ass. I’m starting to feel myself again, I did a bit of creating while I was off, but I didn’t put a lot of effort into attempting to sell it. I have three new polishes I need to get listed. I am holding off though, i have a craft fair this weekend, and i have my fingers crossed it’s successful! I’m looking forward to a day to myself though, even if I’m shackled to a table!¬†

I’m wondering if nail polish at a craft fair is weird? It seemed like a good idea to me, most craft fair attendees are women, and women like nail polish! I’ve never seen it at a fair though, and I’m hoping there’s not a reason for that.

Here’s one of my fave creations that I did manage to get listed. I am down to one bottle though! I gave two bottles to friends that wouldn’t shut up about how much they loved it, and kept one for myself. It’s so summery and happy, just what I need right now! ūüôāImageImage

Brijit's Digits

I heard about Black Sheep Lacquer through the Indie Blogathon at Mommy Loves Nail Polish. And I’m so glad I did!

I‚Äôve not ordered from a Canada-based store before, so I just ordered 2 polishes to test, in case shipping became a problem. Actually, they came through very fast ‚Äď in just 6 days ! Now, I can order something from 50 yards down the road and it can take 3 weeks to be delivered, so I was pretty impressed!

There was something on the Etsy store about a free mini polish with any order of 2 full-sized, but I wasn’t sure if this was valid, so I left a note to surprise me, and Erin, at Black Sheep Lacquer certainly did ! She included a free mini of Falling Sky. Which is so totally my kinda polish, she got that one spot on ! There are…

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You guys are crazy creative- here are the entries

I had a request to post the name the polish contest entries. Here they are! You can see it was a really hard decision.

smarties,¬†Glitter Me Silly,¬†Craft table,¬†Candy coloured madness,¬†peacock dreams,¬†con(fun)tti paradise,¬†it’s glitter-tastic,¬†Mardi Gras,¬†Merry-go-Round!,¬†Unicorn Horn,¬†Including the kitchen sink,¬†Crazy Carnival, Birthday Balloons,¬†Rainbow Dots,¬†clown shoes, big top circus,¬†Candy Delight,¬†Candy Shock,¬†Treasure Chest,¬†Klepto Mani Attack,¬†Rainbow Dust,¬†Sunday Funday,¬†glitter explosion,¬†Rainbows and Lollipops!,¬†Glitter Lovers Unite!,¬†eclipse,¬†rainbow addiction,¬†rainbow circus,¬†Circus freak,¬†Confettis,¬†Raining Stars,¬†Rainbow Power,¬†rainbow dust (or rainbow sprinkle),¬†Fairy Berries,¬†flicker glitter,¬†Happy Me Time,¬†My Stash Mash,¬†My Girl Wants To Party All The Time,¬†SPRING FLING,¬†Hiccup,¬†Heigh-ho