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Leaping Bunny

Black Sheep Lacquer is growing- soon I will be including bath and beauty products.

My subscription boxes have been a hit- and the girls who have been getting my previously unreleased body items have been giving me excellent feedback! First on the list will be my salt body scrub. I’m doing a bit more testing and will be releasing it soon.

Now that I’m expanding, I have applied to get leaping bunny certification. This ensures that all products with this label do not include ingredients that have been tested on animals. All components of my nail polish are not tested on animals, nor is my finished nail polish of course! I have put it on my dog before, but she enjoyed the attention, and loved the pink.

I will never use any animal products, (this includes beeswax and carmine) I’m proud to keep all of Black Sheep Lacquer’s products totally vegan and cruelty free!


About blacksheeplacquer

My passion is making nail polish. I have a day job, but it's not all that creative. I like wearing colours no one else has, I'm always being asked where i got my nail polish! I've decided to start selling nail polish to support my habit, I have so much glitter, micas, and other various nail polishing things, that I couldn't possibly use it all up on my own! My store is here:

One response to “Leaping Bunny

  1. Squeaky Q

    Awesome, so nice to hear Black Sheep Lacquer is doing well 🙂

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