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Old Bottle Clearout

I have discovered a new bottle/brush supplier. The brushes are fantastic, thick & lush and so good for picking up glitter! They cost more, but the price difference is so worth it, I’m excited to start using them. I’m switching my entire product line over. I started on it, but for simplicity’s sake, I’m going to clear out the old ones.

Use coupon code GLITTER for 30% off of anything in my store. I’ve only listed bottles that are currently available right now, so if you seen one you want grab it, as it might not be made again.


About blacksheeplacquer

My passion is making nail polish. I have a day job, but it's not all that creative. I like wearing colours no one else has, I'm always being asked where i got my nail polish! I've decided to start selling nail polish to support my habit, I have so much glitter, micas, and other various nail polishing things, that I couldn't possibly use it all up on my own! My store is here:

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