I need help!

I need help! I’ve decided to focus on a specific line of nail polishes, I’ve been doing this long enough now I know what people like.
I’ll still be making the goofy/weird one off nail polishes, that’s where the fun is. But for my specific product line, about (15 polishes) I want a cohesive look. Would someone like a job taking nail pics for me? While I can’t pay you cash, there will be perks! I’ll send you full sizes in exchange and give you all the publicity for your blog/facebook/etc I can generate. Email me @ blacksheeplacquer@gmail.com and we’ll talk. Thanks! 🙂


Old Bottle Clearout

I have discovered a new bottle/brush supplier. The brushes are fantastic, thick & lush and so good for picking up glitter! They cost more, but the price difference is so worth it, I’m excited to start using them. I’m switching my entire product line over. I started on it, but for simplicity’s sake, I’m going to clear out the old ones.

Use coupon code GLITTER for 30% off of anything in my store. I’ve only listed bottles that are currently available right now, so if you seen one you want grab it, as it might not be made again.

Great Canadian Spring Fling

I did a big fair this weekend, the Great Canadian Spring Fling. The first day was pretty decent, especially when I compared my sales to the booths around me. There were a lot of sad vendor faces around me, I really felt bad for some of them. We had a crummy spot, on the dark side, in an aisle facing a wall. The foot traffic was much less than we were promised. My second day was a total bust, I guess everyone that wanted nail polish bought it on the first day. I have to be content with just making my booth fee back.

It was so much fun to talk about nail polish all weekend though! I really did have fun, even if it was super tiring. I have a lot of stock left over and will be blowing it all out soon, I only have so much storage space and want to work on new creations. 🙂Image