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Craft Shows

I’m working on developing a local presence in Vancouver. Shipping is so expensive, I think to be really successful I need to start thinking local in addition to online. The craft show yesterday was an overall failure, but graded on a scale I did fantastic! I made the most money out of anyone I asked, so I’m happy about that. I made my table fee back with a bit of a profit, but with the amount of work I put into everything, it worked out to about $1.00 an hour. Luckily I love this, and getting to talk to people about nail polish for 8 hours was awesome. The lady behind me made nothing at all, and packed up 3 hours early. I felt really bad for her! 

So now I’m all sold out of my best selling nail polish. Not surprisingly the holographic polishes were the first ones to go. Little girls went nuts for my pink holo nail polish and another one that had gold holo hearts. Time to go supply shopping, yay!



About blacksheeplacquer

My passion is making nail polish. I have a day job, but it's not all that creative. I like wearing colours no one else has, I'm always being asked where i got my nail polish! I've decided to start selling nail polish to support my habit, I have so much glitter, micas, and other various nail polishing things, that I couldn't possibly use it all up on my own! My store is here:

One response to “Craft Shows

  1. Congrats!
    I remember doing craft shoes with my mum, they weren’t great earners for her either, but they are good for networking and advertising 🙂

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