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It’s been a rough month at the blacksheeplacquer house. I had a family tragedy I won’t get into here, but it knocked me flat on my ass. I’m starting to feel myself again, I did a bit of creating while I was off, but I didn’t put a lot of effort into attempting to sell it. I have three new polishes I need to get listed. I am holding off though, i have a craft fair this weekend, and i have my fingers crossed it’s successful! I’m looking forward to a day to myself though, even if I’m shackled to a table! 

I’m wondering if nail polish at a craft fair is weird? It seemed like a good idea to me, most craft fair attendees are women, and women like nail polish! I’ve never seen it at a fair though, and I’m hoping there’s not a reason for that.

Here’s one of my fave creations that I did manage to get listed. I am down to one bottle though! I gave two bottles to friends that wouldn’t shut up about how much they loved it, and kept one for myself. It’s so summery and happy, just what I need right now! 🙂ImageImage


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  1. I hope you’re ok!
    can’t wait to see the other new polishes 🙂

  2. Xin Yu

    Do take care and hope you’re much better (:

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