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My favourite franken polish yet!

I was feeling super creative last night and invented 3 gorgeous polishes, even
a pink one! I’ll probably only wear that one on Valentines day, but it’s still amazing.

Twisted has blue, orange, and a bit of brown hex added. It’s full of silver glitter, and i added some holographic base to give it a shimmer that’s simply amazing. It looks great over one of my grey colors.

Now i just need to take some photos! I’m really limited to the amount of daylight and at the mercy of the sun. All my pics really suck right now and I’m brutally aware of it.


4 responses to “twisted

  1. June

    This is awesome!! Very unique. I haven’t seen color combos like this before in a polish!

  2. funkblend

    I would too! haha I’m good with the nailpolish, crap with a camera. We’ve had such a small amount of sun these days, getting a nice pic was really hard. I’m hoping to put together a light box shortly so I can get some real pictures.

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