Halloween & New Duochrome Celebration!

Enter my rafflecopter giveway!

There’s 3 prizes:

First: 2 Full Size New Duochromes and 1 Full Size Black Nail Polish
2nd: 2 Small Size New Duochromes and 1 Small Size Black Nail Polish
3rd: 1 Small New Duochrome and 1 Small Size Black Nail Polish

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Nail Polish Giveaway!

I’m going to be doing another nail polish giveaway, but this one is a bit different.

For every new subscriber that signs up for my monthly subscription box, I will include an extra full size nail polish. Use coupon FREEME for your free bottle. If you have a specific nail polish you’d like to receive, let me know with your order and I will do my best to accommodate your request.

Also- for anyone that refers a new subscriber to me, you will get an extra free full size nail polish in your box. Make sure your friend uses your name & email address so I can make sure to credit you! And you can refer more than one person, if you refer 5 new people, you will get 5 extra full size nail polishes!

I will leave this offer open for the entire month of October!

I’ve only set up the coupon on my http://www.blacksheeplacquer.com site, but if you sign up on etsy send me a convo and i’ll make sure you get credited.

Spam! :(

I apologize if any blogs got spam from my website this past week. I hired a company to work on my website for me, and his vision was obviously very different from mine! I’ve terminated that relationship, so hopefully that’s the end of the spam!

Leaping Bunny- it’s official!

Leaping Bunny- it’s official!

As of today, I’m officially Leaping Bunny certified! I’m so happy to have been approved. Basically it means that all of my products have not been tested on animals, nor do my suppliers test on any animals. This is something I feel very strongly about, and I’m happy to be a part of it. You can learn more about the program here:




Leaping Bunny

Black Sheep Lacquer is growing- soon I will be including bath and beauty products.

My subscription boxes have been a hit- and the girls who have been getting my previously unreleased body items have been giving me excellent feedback! First on the list will be my salt body scrub. I’m doing a bit more testing and will be releasing it soon.

Now that I’m expanding, I have applied to get leaping bunny certification. http://www.leapingbunny.org/indexcus.php This ensures that all products with this label do not include ingredients that have been tested on animals. All components of my nail polish are not tested on animals, nor is my finished nail polish of course! I have put it on my dog before, but she enjoyed the attention, and loved the pink.

I will never use any animal products, (this includes beeswax and carmine) I’m proud to keep all of Black Sheep Lacquer’s products totally vegan and cruelty free!

100 Sales Celebration Contest



Here’s the big prize! 6 Black Sheep Lacquer nail polishes, 3 base coats, and 3 matching glitter top coats. Base coats are: Dragon Scale, Paint it Black, & Pink Flag. Tops coats are Blitz, Into the Void, and Heart of Gold. (no one has seen Heart of Gold yet, I’ve only sold it in person so far) It’s a pretty pink glitter bomb with pink and gold hearts.

It will be a rafflecopter giveaway with a twist, I want a bit of interaction with this giveaway. I’m also requesting ideas for my next nail polish. The best idea (picked by moi) will get made and the inventor will receive a bottle and naming rights.Image